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Ontario Landlords – You Need To Check This Site Out If You Want Success

January 14th, 2013 · ontario landlords association

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Being a landlord in Ontario isn’t easy.

Take a look at how many stories there are about bad tenants abusing the system.

For example, Nina Willis … the Tenant From Hell:

Asked if he was going to look for a new tenant, Nina Willis’ landlord Vakili said he has no immediate plans and he first has to see the condition of the house, expecting “to see a lot of dirt” and damage to the property.

Or this landlord from Barrie, Ontario who hired a bad property management company to manage her home while you moved to British Columbia.

Our family is close to financial ruin.

The government offices have offered no assistance whatsoever to our family.

The local MPs were not interested, the city is not interested.

Ontario landlords are under attack and in need of landlord solutions.

Even an Ontario Supreme Court judge criticized the way landlords are abused in Ontario.

The judge look carefully at the case and saw how loopholes in Ontario allowed a predatory tenant to abuse the landlord.

The judge then demanded change to the laws in Ontario and more fairness.

Basically the Wise Judge Saw It’s Just Too Easy To Screw a Landlord in Ontario

So what can Ontario Landlords Do? If you get a bad tenants (and there are so many out there) you will have to try to evict them.

After all, you want landlord success. You don’t want landlord legal problems. You want to find landlord solutions to any problems.

Check out the Ontario Landlords Association (OLA)

The Ontario Landlords Association is recognized by the Ontario government as an important voice for small residential landlords.

The Ontario Landlords Association also offers an incredibly economical membership. Just a one time fee for great tools and services to help landlords.

You get:

*  A complete rental kit with leases, applications and every other document you need to protect your business.

*  Credit checks for only $10 from Equifax.

*  Lots more amazing services.

How can you go wrong with a one time fee for all the services an Ontario Landlord needs to succeed!

Go here to find the tools and services you need to succeed as an Ontario Landlord:

Ontario Landlords Association Membership

…And it’s all for a one-time fee!

Ontario Landlords Want Success But Are Faced With Bad Tenants And A Landlord Legal System That Is Pro-Tenant and Anti-Landlord.  Sign Up With the Ontario Landlords Association To Get the Tools and Services You Need For Success.

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Landlords Resolutions for 2013

January 6th, 2013 · Landlords Resolutions 2013

Landlord Success new-years-resolutions


It’s a year where you with not only shine, but your business will reach a new, better than ever, level of success!

You will be the ultimate professional landlord.

1. This will set you apart from your competition.

2. This will lead you to retaining all over your best, highest paying current tenants.

3. This will ensure your new tenants will be qualified and the best out there

You will handle all problems with the best professional help

1. You will become active in the landlord community and post on excellent landlord forums such as the Ontario Landlords Association.

2. If you have problem tenants you will contact and hire professionals to manage and solve your problems such as the Landlords Services Centre.

Let’s Write Some Landlords Resolutions to make sure landlords have a successful and very profitable 2013!

Hey, it is 2013, the new year. A new start. Let’s get started on resolutions to become a successful landlord! We need to be careful since many provinces have very low rent increase guidelines.


 I will get my tenants to sign a professionally prepared lease in 2013!

 Have you read about cases where it comes down to “he said, she said”?

This isn’t a situation you ever want to be in with a landlord and tenant dispute.

Verbal leases simply don’t hold up at the Landlord and Tenant Board or in Small Claims Court.

If you don’t have a lease signed by both you and the tenant, the tenant will have total power over you.

You need to sign a great lease to avoid potential tenant problems.

Many tenants won’t even read the lease you offer them to sign.

If they think you are a good person and trustworthy they think your lease is good and trustworthy.

Take the time to explain the lease to your tenants, show them you not only have nothing to hide but that the lease also protects them.A great lease is a great start for a landlord in 2013!

2013 is your year for landlord success! Resolution #1 is creating a great lease!

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Ontario Landlords Watch Out in 2013!

December 27th, 2012 · Ontario Landlords Watch Out, Rent Increase Guideline Ontario 2013

December 26th, 2012

Ontario Landlords Watch Out Because Despite Increasing Costs You Can Only Raise the Rent 2.5% in 2013

As a landlord you face increasing fees each year.  2013 looks increasingly painful for Ontario Landlords.

1. Higher Taxes
Take a close look at your latest property tax bill. Notice anything? Yes, I’m sure you did. Your taxes are increasing fast! In many areas of Ontario your taxes are rising over 4%!

2. More Expensive Insurance

Now take a close look at you house insurance. Notice anything different compared to last year? I bet you do: your rates have gone up. Insurance rates for rental properties jumped above other property rates in 2012 and it’s only going to get worse in 2013.

3. For Condo Landlords, Increased Condo Fees

Are you a landlord who rents out a Condo? You already know you have to pay a monthly or quarterly fee to the Condo corporation. You already figured that into your costs as a landlord.

Except have you noticed something over the past year? Yes, you did. Your condo fees have increased. In some cases over 5% and in many cases you now have to pay extra fees for roof repair or repaving the parking lot!

4. If  You Rent “Inclusive of Utility Bills” They are Going Up Fast

Do you pay for your tenants power usage? If you do you surely pay close attention to your cost for water, gas, and electricity. You know your costs are rising at a huge pace! In some cases over 10%. Renting out inclusive of anything can be very dangerous for an Ontario landlord.

5. Snow Clearing and Lawn Care are Going Up Fast
You know that Ontario landlords are responsible for lawn care and clearing snow. You are also aware that this year your lawn care company raised their rates over 10% and your snow removal company has raised their rates even higher.

6 .Maintenance
Ontario landlords are legally responsible for maintaining the unit. This means you have hired plumbers, electricians, furnace repairmen and others.
Have you noticed their increase in fees?  Sure you have! In many cases fees have risen over 10%.
It’s No Problem, I Can Raise the Rent in 2013 to Cover All These Costs!
Sounds good. Except you can’t. The Ontario Landlord Rent Increase Guideline is only 2.5%!

Ontario Landlords Watch Out! You Can Only Increase the Rent in 2013 By 2.5% But What Are Your True Costs?

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Landlord Success Step #1 – The 5 Step Process For Tenant Screening To Find Awesome Tenants

December 1st, 2012 · Tenant screening


Want To Be A Successful Landlord? Use Your 5 Step Tenant Screening System to Find Awesome Tenants!

At least 90% of your problems with tenants can be solved and even eliminated with excellent tenant screening.

Sounds Good, But If My Rental Is Empty I Feel Nervous

You and just about every other small business landlord out there.

Many landlords say they feel nervous. And why shouldn’t they be?

1 – Vacant or not, rental property mortgages still need to be paid.

2 – Vacant or not, property taxes still need to be paid.

3 – Vacant or not, you still have to pay to keep the property maintained

Yes, That’s Why I Want To Rent My Place Out Fast

Sure, but if you rent to a bad tenant it can take months to evict.

Bad tenants can leave thousands of dollars in damages.

Bad tenants can create a lot of stress and mental anguish for landlords.

I Agree. So What Should Landlords Do?

Always make sure you only rent to tenants who qualify. If you can’t good tenants, you should invest in something other than rental properties.


Qualify meaning they pass your Tenant Screening Process. The is what the best property management companies do. They have strict tenant screening systems in place.

What Are These Steps?

We’ll go over each and everyone.

Let’s start with The First Step.

Sounds good

The first step for professional tenant screening is FIRST CONTACT.

How Does That Work?

When you first meet a potential renter, your tenant screening process has begun.

For Me, First Contact Usually Is A Telephone Call From a Potential Tenant

This is how it usually starts.

Step #1 is you receive a telephone call for your rental property advertisement.

You need to ask the proper questions to decide if this potential renter should go to Step #2.

How Can I Do This?

You can this by asking proper qualifying questions such as:

– I will conduct a credit check

– No pets

– I will conduct an employment check

What Do I Do If They Can’t Answer and Don’t Qualify?

You take their information, be polite, and once it’s over don’t call them back.

How Can I Organise My Information For Step #1?

We recommend creating a print-out.

Applicant’s Name:

The Applicants Phone Number:

Your Reason for Moving:

# of People and their Relationship to You:

Intended Rental Term:

Occupancy Date:

Do You Have Pets:

Do you Smoke:

We will do a Credit Check

Do you have Landlord References

If you want to succeed as a landlord and avoid bad tenants, follow our Tenant Screening system. To discuss this an other landlord issues, go to the Canada Landlords Forum.

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Should You Really Become a Landlord? (Especially in Ontario)

November 25th, 2012 · Rental Property

It Looks So Easy, But Think Twice Before Investing and Becoming a Landlord

Mortgage rules are getting tougher. In many areas sales are down and prices dropping, especially in Ontario outside of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Isn’t Now a Great Time to Become a Landlord?

It looks like a great time to buy a rental property. You can get a good price and rent out to people who can’t get a mortgage! What can go wrong?

Yes, the Marketplace Looks Great!


There are also many foreclosures for sale and the banks are eager to sell at a good price.

What Can Go Wrong?

There are a number of things potential landlords should be aware of. This is especially true in Ontario.

Here is a list of red flags potential landlords need to be aware of.

#1 Vacancy Rates

In many areas in Ontario vacancy rates are rising. Did you know the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) doesn’t count private small landlord rentals as part of their statistics. I know it’s amazing, but they don’t. They skews their data and makes their published vacancy rates not only useless, but misleading.

#2 Tenants Applicants are Getting Even Worse

As the economy sours, more and more tenants have bad credit and even recent bankruptcies. It’s very important for landlords to do careful tenant screening, including a credit check.

So a credit check and an employment check, both of which are so important to protect yourself) might disqualify everyone who applies for your rental property! What do you do then? There are a lot of bad tenants out there all over Canada. 

Even in growing Alberta.

And in British Columbia.

#3 Evictions Take a Long Time All Over Canada, Especially in Ontario

Evictions in Ontario take at least 3 months.  And a savvy tenant can prolong them to be over a year! Are you ready to pay your mortgage without any rent coming for a long period of time. Bad tenants are out there and they can cause you lots of trouble. If you face non-payment of rent, or worse, you should seek professional help.

Do You Really Want To Be a Landlord? Make Sure You Research Carefully!

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Landlords – Is It The Right Time To Improve Your Rental Unit?

November 1st, 2012 · Tenant screening

 Improve Your Rental Unit and Get More Money Out of Your Investment Property!

It’s the goal of every property investor to earn as much money as you can from your rental property. After all, you invested a lot of your hard-earned money into the property, spent hours doing repairs and beautifying it, and have taken a risk to become a landlord.

So how can you raise the rent?

Of course you could simply advertise your rental property for a hundred dollars more per month. Except if you do that the law of Supply and Demand might mean you won’t have any good tenants interested in renting from you. It isn’t fun having a vacant rental property month after month when the mortgage still needs to be paid.

What’s the Best Path Forward for Raising Rents?

Landlords should consider making improvement to the rental property.

How Much Can I Raise the Rent?

In Ontario you can raise the rent 3.1% in 2012 and up to 2.5% in 2013. However, when you get new tenants you can charge as much as you want.

What Type of Improvements?

Focus on improving the appeal of the property.

Isn’t Investing In Improvements Risky Because Tenants May Wreck Everything You Did?

Some landlords do in fact worry about potential damages. But if you do them right you will be able to attract better tenants who will respect your property.

What Are the Pros And Cons Of Improving the Property Vs. Not Spending Any Money?

If you don’t invest in any improvements you get the following advantages:

– You Save Yourself A Lot of Money

– You Don’t Have to Risk Vacancy While the Improvements are Being Made.

And If I Do Decide on Investing and Making Improvements?

If you decide to make improvements you get the following advantages:

-You Will Increase the Value of Your Investment Property If You Decide to Sell.

– You can Raise Your Rent.

– You May Be Able To Attract a Better Tenant and Avoid the Worst Tenants. And rent to Tenants With Insurance!

No matter what you decide, remember to do credit checks and proper tenant screening to avoid the Pro Tenants.

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Ontario Tenants Ask Landlord to Rescue Them From a Flood

October 28th, 2012 · Property management

Toronto Tenants Dealing With The Flood Ask Landlord To Find Solutions

What Happened?

According to a CBC report over 12 tenants in 3 Toronto apartment buildings are homeless after a water main broke and flooded their rental apartments.

How Much Damage Was Caused?

Some Tenants say they have lost everything.

Who Is To Blame?

The tenants say they still don’t know who to contact for compensation. Furthermore, there’s confusion about who was responsible for breaking the pipe.

How Bad Is the Situation?

But outside the apartments at 131 Woodward Ave., near Jane Street and Highway 401, the evidence of the damage is everywhere. There are beds, televisions, sofas — all ruined and left in the garbage.

What Do the Tenants Say?

“The bathtub was backing up black, awful stuff — and from there the hall started filling up with water — and we were here the whole day waiting outside,” said Jeannie Jacquard. She and her husband lost everything.  They don’t have insurance.

This isn’t the first time tenants without insurance have lost everything.

What is Her Next Step?

Jacquard says she can’t get any answers.  It’s been a real nightmare.

Tenant Wayne Steele even says he had to give up his two cats because of the situation.

Who is To Blame?

Many Tenants think Enbridge or some of the company contractors are to blame.
Does Enbridge Admit To It?
No.Enbridge told CBC News it wasn’t even aware there was a problem.
So Who Is Next to Blame?
The landlord, of course. Ontario tenants often find the landlord an easy target.

Ontario Tenants: Make Sure You Get Tenant Insurance In Case of an Emergency. Ontario Landlords Make Sure Your Tenants Are Insured Or You May Be Targeted!

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Tenant From Hell Nina Willis Has Been Evicted!

October 2nd, 2012 · Landlord Legal Problems, Property management

According to the Toronto Star, Tenant from Hell Nina Willis has finally been evicted.                                        

The Star report said it took five police, and the sheriff, the landlord and even locksmith, but finally nightmare Toronto tenant Nina Willis has finally been evicted from the building.

Willis shouted “Why are you doing this to me? You can’t do this to me!” at the two enforcement officers with the Ontario Sheriff’s office from inside the house she was being evicted from in North York, Ontario.

Willis screamed at them: “I’ve done everything right!” (To read what she’s actually done see the Ontario Landlords Site).

In September Willis, a woman and two men were all wearing hats and sunglasses. They left under police supervision through the fence in the backyard.

The locks were changed and Willis has 72 hours to call her former landlord and arrange to collect her things.

The Landlord, Darius Vakili, was pleased Willis was out but said he was “scared of what will happen next,” and is worried she will return and break into the house. Willis has given Vakili lots of problems over the past year.

Vakili told the Star the police cautioned him not to enter the house until Willis removes her possessions, and to let police know when she returns to remove her things, as Vakili must be there to let her in.

If she doesn’t call within 72 hours, Vakili has the legal right to dispose of everything in the house.

Vakili worries.  He said “I have a bad feeling they are not going to call me and I will have to clean up all (their) junk.”

Asked if he was going to look for a new tenant, Vakili said he has no immediate plans and he first has to see the condition of the house, expecting “to see a lot of dirt” and damage to the property.

In May, Willis will appear in a Toronto court to face fraud charges for allegedly providing homeowners with fraudulent cheques and false employment information.

This landlord is relieved his Tenant From Hell has Moved On…at last!

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Barrie Ontario Landlord Has a Warning for Other Landlords

September 10th, 2012 · Barrie Ontario Landlords


Recently a letter to the local newspaper from a Barrie, Ontario landlord was published.

Here is the letter:

This is a question our family has been forced to look at this past year. This is also a huge warning to potential landlords.

We have had a home in Barrie and paid taxes to the city of Barrie for over 18 years now. Last year our family returned out west to work. We engaged a very large property management company in Barrie to lease our home. Its fees were called ‘Full service’ and its brochure advertised ‘Peace of Mind’.

This could not have been further from the truth.

The tenants placed in our home had bad credit, a very bad history of past evictions in Barrie and were known to the police. We then discovered the only reference that this company did have was a phone call to the tenants’ aunt.

When alerted, the company kindly gave us 30 days notice and left us on the other side of the country to deal with it. We then went through the legal process to have these people move off the property.

Of course, when we questioned as to ‘Why?’ people that have been evicted multiple times should be allowed to go through the system on a continual basis and hurt other families, we were told, ‘It was private and confidential.’

The day before eviction, County of Simcoe stepped in and paid the tenants’ bill in full.

In a nutshell, Ontario Works funded people, known to the police who do not pay one penny in rent, do not pay any utilities (which, we have been told will be added to our taxes) and do not even cut their grass.

We are now into August. The tenants continue to live for free and we are now faced with going through the whole legal process again.

We now have more than 8,000 in debts and legal fees. Who pays our bills?

Our family is close to financial ruin.

The government offices have offered no assistance whatsoever to our family.

The local MPs were not interested, the city is not interested.

The final irony; the insurance companies are now revoking policies to people who live out of province and have rental properties.

The government is crying there is not enough housing.

We will never rent again and we could lose our home because of it. If there is damage done to our property, who should be held responsible. The property management company? The County of Simcoe? What is wrong with the system?

There is a great deal wrong when funding goes to those, who year after year, live dishonestly and are rewarded for their deeds.


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Ontario Landlords! Nina Willis Is At It Again…

September 1st, 2012 · ontario landlords, Residential Tenancy Act (Ontario)

Ontario Landlords, Nina Willis fails to pay rent again, violating court order!

Nina Willis has done it again.

A nightmare tenant, Willis habitually fails to pay her rent, flouts the rules and procedures of Ontario tribunals and courts and leaves a trail of eviction notices and frustrated landlords behind her.

The Star has been following her case, which shows how easily tenants can manipulate the provincially funded Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board, using protections designed to avoid unfair evictions to stay in properties rent free.

At the beginning of August, Willis once again failed to pay her landlord, violating an earlier order by a Superior Court judge who said she must pay on time each month or be forced out of the house.

Her Ontario landlord has called the sheriff to begin the eviction process, which Willis can stave off at the last minute with a rent payment, a protection rule for tenants under the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act. After almost a year of excuses, delays, tribunals and court proceedings, there is no guarantee Willis will have to leave the Don Mills house she currently rents.

Ontario Landlord Darius Vakili said he will not breathe easily until she is out of the house.

“The courts have done their job. It took them a long time to do it, but they did their job,” said Vakili.

The case was in court this summer because Willis was appealing a Landlord and Tenant Board decision to evict her for failing to pay rent. That process put the eviction order on hold, but only on the condition Willis pay back rent and her monthly rent on time.

Willis met the deadline for back rent and turned over $8,200. She also paid her landlord the $1,650 she owed him for July’s rent.

Then the money stopped.

About a week and a half ago, a judge signed an order lifting the stay, which means the eviction can move forward. Willis’s landlord, Vakili, told the Star he has contacted the Ontario Sheriff’s office and was told she would likely be evicted near the end of September.

The Star first wrote about Willis in May, using court and tenant board documents to piece together a rental history that has included at least six eviction orders in seven years.

Each time Willis appeared before the board she used tactics to delay evictions. She pays portions of what she owes her landlords, claims properties fail to meet health and safety standards and demands inspections and abatements on rent. She also alleges harassment if her landlords try to collect.

If she is ordered out, she appeals in Divisional court. Privacy legislation means her appearances at the board are kept secret.

The ease by which tenants can abuse the system recently prompted Justice Ted Matlow to call on the province, tenant board and courts to respond to a “growing practice by unscrupulous residential tenants to manipulate the law improperly.” Justice Matlow wrote the comments in his reasons for decision in August, for an unrelated case where tenants had not paid rent and appealed their eviction.

Willis has also been charged with fraud for allegedly writing bad cheques and providing false employment information.

Landlord Vakili said he is worried and expects she will find another way to stay inside the home he owns without paying rent.

Vakili said Willis has changed the locks on the house, nailed a board across the inside of the front door and racked up high energy bills totally more than $1,200 in less than a year.

Neighbours told the Star they have seen several different people coming and going from the house at various times.

All the windows at the house are shaded, or hung with blinds. A large piece of paper has been used to block a frosted window at the front door. A green plastic tarp was hung at the side of the house, obscuring the view of an outside garage.

Vakili wants to sell the property but said in July Willis threatened a man trying to put a for sale sign on the lawn.

Vakili’s real estate agent, Steve Mostafaee, said he called the police and was told if he or someone at his office wanted to put up another sign they could call police and could be escorted if officers were available.

Mostafaee said he has decided to put the sale process on hold until Willis is out.

Willis was warned during a June court appearance by Justice Thea Herman that if she did not pay her rent on time each month her eviction would go forward.

Willis alleges in court documents she was ordered out by the board because of a “factual error” at the board hearing and because she didn’t have an “opportunity to participate.”

Vakili tried to have the appeal quashed. During the June hearing, Herman said there was “no dispute” Willis hadn’t paid rent, but it wasn’t clear if her appeal was “utterly devoid of merit.”

Discuss this at the Ontario Landlords Association forums here

This case is must-reading for Ontario landlords!

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