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Landlord Credit Checks: Use Landlord Credit Checks To Find Good Tenants

June 1st, 2014 · Alberta Landlord Credit Check, BC Landlord Credit Check, Canada Landlord Credit Check, Ontario Landlord Credit Check, Uncategorized

 BC landlord credit check Ontario Alberta tenant screening

Be Careful Who You Rent To!

 Whether you are a BC Landlord, Alberta Landlord, Ontario Landlord or Own Rental Property Anywhere in Canada, Make Sure To Run Credit Checks Before Renting To Tenants

News spreads fast amongst the landlord community. There’s a story British Columbia Landlords continue to talk about and see as a warning.


Because it’s every small landlord’s worst nightmare: serial bad tenants who don’t pay rent and know how to ‘play the system’ to avoid being evicted.

What’s the landlord nightmare story?

According to CBC News, Chris and Susan Perret are now being evicted by their sixth landlord within two years.

This couple has been called “serial bad tenants” because they play the same bad tenant game when they meet their next landlord.

What Is the ‘Bad Tenant” Game?

These bad tenants have developed a system to fool landlords into renting to them.

1. Bad Tenants Are Convincing

They usually are very friendly and tell you what they think you want to hear.

2. Bad Tenants Won’t Pay You With Guaranteed Funds

They like to give cheques along with promises.

3. Bad Tenants Will Provide Fake References

You really think that’s their current landlord or employer on the phone? It might not be.

Why Do Serial Bad Tenants Target Small Landlords?

All six landlords are “small residential B.C. landlords” and not corporate landlords.

One of the reasons why bad tenants target small landlords is because unlike corporate landlords most small landlords don’t screen the tenants carefully.

For example, none of these small landlords did a “credit check” on the two renters.

As an experienced landlord in the BC Landlords forum wrote:

“A simple credit check would have shown the landlords where these two renters were living and had lived before.”

The experienced landlord continued:

“They would have seen where these tenants lived and could have easily verified it. By verifying it they would have found out their rental history and avoided renting to them.”

How Can Small Landlords Run Tenant Credit Checks?

It is now simple and affordable for landlords across Canada to run premium credit checks on tenants

BC Landlord Credit Checks

While organizations such as LandlordsBC require landlords pay an annual fee, the BC Landlords Association only charges a one-time registration fee for landlords.

Once you register you can do premium credit checks for huge discounts and no hassle.

Alberta Landlord Credit Checks

Join the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time set up fee of only $99 and Alberta landlords can start doing premium credit checks on their tenants with TVS for only $10 per check.

Yes, that’s right. No annual fees, only a one time fee and you can start protecting your rental business for $10 per check!

Ontario Landlord Credit Checks

Good news for landlord who want to manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board and to stay living in your rental for months without paying rent. Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a one-time fee and to get huge discounts on credit checks and other important landlord tools.

How Can Landlord Find Good Tenants?

Make sure you screen tenants carefully!

Invest in your rental business success with high quality, affordable tenant credit checks.

An investment of $10 can end up saving you thousands of dollars whether you are a BC landlord, Alberta landlord, Ontario landlord or own rental property anywhere in Canada!


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Ontario Landlords Association Review – Another Internet One Hit Internet Wonder (Part 2)

May 9th, 2014 · Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Ontario landlords association review trolls

Ontario Landlords Review – The Ontario Landlords Association is Excellent, A+, and Helps Landlords!

Landlords be careful, as people who don’t want landlords to succeed or want to make large sums of money from landlords don’t want small residential landlords to network, share advice, and help each other succeed.

After all, if Ontario landlords network, share advice, help each other and use important tenant screening tools like those offered by the Ontario Landlords Association they won’t need to hire lawyers or paralegals and won’t have to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

You won’t need to seek landlord solutions when you rent to great tenants and don’t have any problems.

In Part 1 we discussed why despite the Ontario Landlords Association being an incredibly helpful site for residential landlords there are a couple of negative reviews out there.

In this post we will look at some of the motivations the trolls have.

Why The Ontario Landlords Association Helps Landlords

The Ontario Landlords Association has revolutionized the landlord industry in Ontario.

Not that long ago small landlords with questions or challenges had few places to go.

Of course there were a few sites out there.  However, they were often run by non-landlords. 

For example, real estate agents in Waterloo who created a Waterloo landlord association but seemed to be more focused only on encouraging you to buy rental properties.

Then there were a couple corporate sites. These were run by people on salaries who were not small residential landlords relying on the success of their rental properties to pay for groceries (and to survive).

These sites are created by the large apartment developers who are also lobby groups to the provincial government.

There was a lack of information for Ontario landlords and in the rest of the country as well.  Canada landlords had no where to find helpful information.

Why Do Some People and Groups Want to See Small Landlords Fail?

There are lots of groups who want to see small landlords fail or at least profit on the problems and challenges small landlords face.

Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

1. Corporate landlords

Corporate landlords have low vacancy rates and even if a few tenants manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board it doesn’t mean life or death for their business when you have hundreds of rental units.

The problem is small landlords. Small landlords are their competition for tenants.

Corporate landlords don’t want small residential landlords to succeed because we are their competition.

2. Landlord Representatives

Landlord representatives make money by representing small landlords who are in trouble. The more trouble small landlords have the more clients and more money these representatives make.

If small landlords know the rules and laws they don’t have to hire expensive paralegals or lawyers.

This makes some paralegals and lawyers extremely unhappy. 

Of course, not all of them.  There are some terrific legal representatives out there to assist landlords who really need help.

3. Property Managers

Property managers earn money from landlords who don’t want to look after their properties themselves.

The Ontario Landlords Association teaches individual landlords how to manage their own properties.

By learning how to manage their own properties, small landlords don’t have to hire property managers.

This makes property management companies very angry because they are going to lose customers/money.

4. Failed Landlords

Let’s face it. There are lots of residential landlords who have lost a lot of money and have failed.

They didn’t get any help when they were landlords and are unhappy current landlords have such new and helpful resources such as the Ontario Landlords Association.

5. Competitors

Lots of the biggest trolls see one group becoming very successful and get very jealous.

Some of the biggest trolls of the Ontario Landlords Association were people who had no interest in actually helping landlords but wanted to try to copy the organization….while criticizing it at the same time.

Ontario Landlords Association Review

The Ontario Landlords Association is an incredible success.

Run by successful landlords to help other landlords, the OLA has incredible partners such as Equifax to help landlords succeed.

The Ontario Landlords Association is recognized as an important voice for landlord by the Ontario government and the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation).

A Real Review Of the Ontario Landlords Association is that it is a helpful resource for landlords and offers landlords affordable tools for success!

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Landlord Stress: What Happens When Tenants Don’t Pay Rent?

April 18th, 2014 · Bad tenants, Credit Check, rent

Landlords Stress Tenants Who Don't Pay Rent

Stressed Out Landlord Loses His Mind and Uses a Chainsaw to Collect Rent Owed to Him!

There is a crazy story from Reuters news agency of a landlord in German who lost his mind when trying to collect rent from his non-paying tenants.

He was owed 13,000 Euros from a couple of tenants in the southern German town of Burgau.

He showed up at the rental property demanding the rent be paid. The problem was he was carrying a chainsaw that was whirring away at full speed!

Fortunately, the authorities arrived and his behaviour ended. He was charged with threatening the tenants and the authorities.

Landlord Stress

While the story about this German landlord is extreme (and thankfully he’s been taken in by the authorities there) the reality about landlords and stress is real and common.

When tenants don’t pay rent it has a serious impact on a landlord.

This is especially true if the landlord is individual or family landlord and not a large corporate entity.

BC Landlords and Serial Bad Tenants

There have been some startling recent investigations by CBC news on serial bad tenants who don’t pay their rent.

It has British Columbia landlords on the edge and demanding changes to the BC landlord and tenant system.

Here’s The Bad Tenant’s Scam

This couples lies to the landlord get the chance to rent the property.

They have a terrific story to persuade the landlord to rent to them. For example, they say the last landlord ‘stole their rent money’ and ‘took off.’

Unfortunately these new landlords don’t conduct BC tenant credit checks and believe the tenants.

They provide cheques to the new landlord for months of rent in advance and security deposits and move in.

A few days later the landlord finds out the cheques bounced and the tenants are living rent free.

BC Landlords Demanding Change

You can see the stress and anger in the interviews with the landlords who have been cheated.

They are even demanding the creation of a ‘bad tenant registry’ in BC.

Ontario Landlords and Bad Tenants

British Columbia isn’t the only province where landlords face bad tenants who don’t pay the rent.

We have seen many stories of Ontario landlords who face the same problems.

Tenants who don’t pay can lead not only to stress for landlords, but depression and even serious family strife.

Nowadays even Alberta landlords are being extra careful who they rent to!

Landlord Stress Is Real

If you are thinking of becoming a landlord make sure you do a lot of research.

Non-paying tenants exist and are out there.

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BC Landlords Association Review: Why You Should Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association

March 9th, 2014 · BC Landlords Association Review, BC Landlords review

 BC Landlords Association Membership Review B.C. landlords

Our Review of BC Landlords Association Membership and Why British Columbia Landlords Should Become Members

Landlords all over Canada face major challenges if you rent your property to pro tenants.

This includes British Columbia.

When we think of B.C. we think of big mountains.

And the wonderful Pacific Ocean.

We think of wonderful views and fresh air that sweetens the lungs.

BC landlords are thinking of something else: Avoiding bad tenants.

Why are BC landlords thinking about bad tenants?

Because they are out there and they want to rent properties from good BC landlords!    

Tenants who don’t pay the rent, do damages and even harass their landlords.

These ‘bad tenants’ like to target small residential landlords.

Take a look and see for yourself here.

Our Review of the BC Landlords Association and Review f BC Landlords Association  Membership

The BC Landlords Association is the fastest growing landlord association in the province.

There is an excellent review of the BC Landlords Association at the Surrey landlords association site.

Surrey Landlords Recommend Membership with the BC Landlords Association


The reasons include:

1.  BC Landlords Association Members is a One-Time Fee

All membership choices are a one-time fee. It’s as low as $99 for a lifetime membership!

Unlike all the other associations who will charge you every year whether you use their services or not.                                           

2.  Tenant Credit Checks for only $10 from Equifax and GARDA

Equifax is the world wide leader in credit information.

GARDA is the world wide leader in background screening.

These are far better choices than companies such as ‘rentcheck’ which are not clear on their pricing and their reports are mediocre and unhelpful.

3.  Access to over 80,000 posts at the Canada Landlords Forum

This is the biggest landlord forum in Canada.

It has thousands of members.

BC landlords association members get access to the ‘Private forum” where experienced landlords and property managers discuss issues outside of the view of the general public.

Our Review of becoming a Member of the BC Landlords Association



The keys  are:

1.         The one-time simply can’t be beat.

2.         The tenant credit check services are incredible, and at an incredible price!

3.         The Landlord forum is the biggest and best in Canada and incredibly helpful for small landlords

4.          Recognized by the British Columbia government as a source of information for small landlords

It’s everything you need for small landlord success!

British Columbia Landlords: BC Landlords Association Membership is Amazing!

For a one-time you get everything you need to find great tenants and succeed as a landlord.

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Ontario Landlords Can Raise the Rent 0.8% in 2014

January 7th, 2014 · 2014 Ontario Rent Increase Guideline, ontario landlords

 Landlords Success Ontario Landlords Rent Increase Guideline 2014

Yes, It’s That Low! And the Ontario Liberal Government Tries To Justify It!

Landlords all over Ontario were faced with shock and awe when they picked up their Sunday newspaper last week.

There is was.

A rare story about the Ontario rental industry.

Even more rare, the story was well-written with some very important and helpful interviews from people who know the industry well.

Toronto Landlords and Toronto Region Landlords

For Toronto landlords and property investors anywhere west and north of Toronto they saw the story in the Toronto Sun.

It was jaw-dropping for many new landlords and investors.

The report stated landlords could only raise the rent by 0.8% in 2014.

This low rate was despite obviously rising costs for landlords in Ontario.

Especially in the energy sector where prices are going through the roof in Ontario!

Ottawa Landlords and Eastern Ontario Region Landlords

The Ottawa Sun provided the same report.

It included some NDP MPPs complaining about the 1991 rent exemption.

And the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing churning up a half-hearted defense of a policy they know it a cookie for tenant voters in Toronto and Ottawa.

Ontario Landlords Association Defense

Fortunately a member of the Ontario Landlords Association provided reason to the how low rent increase guideline debacle.

The OLA member explained:

1.         The Rent Increase Guideline Formula is Flawed

The formula for the Ontario rent increase guideline does not factor in the true costs of property management of rental properties.

2.         Ontario Landlords Cannot Charge a Damage or Pet Deposit

The means tenants have no incentive to repair damages or clean their place when moving out. This is a huge cost for landlords.

BC landlords and Alberta landlords can charge damage and pet deposits.

3.         Good Landlords Are Punished

Ontario landlords can charge whatever they want when tenants move out. However, the Ontario Landlords Association member explained that tenants like to stay with good landlords.

So bad landlords with tenants always moving out can charge whatever they want, but good landlords with long-term tenants are punished by the low rent increase guideline.

How Are Ontario Landlords Reacting?

Many landlords across the province are angry and upset and the provincial Liberal government.

The rent increase actually encourages landlords to evict their long term tenants because the rent increase guideline doesn’t allow landlords to keep up with increasing costs.

Ontario Landlords Challenges in 2014

This is just one of the manage challenges Ontario landlords face in the new year.

Landlord licensing is another.

Keep reading and we will keep you up to date on all the issues face in 2014.

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Ontario Landlords Association Review

November 12th, 2013 · Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Ontario Landlords Association Review

Review Part 1: Ontario Landlords Association Offers Excellent Tools and Services For Small Landlords

Not long ago when an Ontario landlord was looking for advice or help with a bad tenant there simply wasn’t anywhere to go to.

It didn’t matter what your question or issue was.

You could be looking for ways to screen tenants to make sure you find good one (and avoid the pro tenants out there).

You looked around for help and what did you find? No help!

A few property management companies making big promises if you hired them (and paid them!)

And we know what can happen if you hire a property management company to run your properties when you aren’t around to watch carefully.

Or you could be looking for advice on tenants arguing with each other.

Maybe you needed some tips on how to file an N4 to evict your tenants.

There was no where to network with other landlords across Ontario.

The only way to find advice was to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer or paralegal…and their advice might not even be helpful (of course they still took your money.)

The Ontario Landlords Association: Tips and Advice

The Ontario Landlords Association started and offered a way for landlords to network with each other.

With networking landlords learned from each other, shared tips, and even gave warnings from their past experiences.

For example, before the OLA many landlords thought payments from tenants on Ontario Works or ODSP were ‘guaranteed.’

Landlords who had experience warned others that tenants on welfare could stop the direct rent payments at any time. All they had to do was make a phone call to their social worker.

The Ontario Landlords Association: Landlord Tools and Services

A few years ago very few landlords knew the importance of tenant credit checks.

Small landlords were still renting to people based on a handshake and a good vibe when they met prospective tenants.

Even if you wanted to do a tenant credit check they were very expensive and complicated.

The Ontario Landlords Association along introduced Equifax and TVS credit checks to landlords across Ontario for low costs and easy usage.

Even the Ontario Government Praises the Ontario Landlords Association

With all the networking and tools and services for landlords, you might expect the government who makes the rules would be unhappy.

That isn’t the case.

Even the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing applauded the work the Ontario Landlords Association was doing.

They even wrote:

“The Ministry greatly values the role that the Ontario Landlords Association and it’s members play in providing quality, affordable rental housing in Ontario.”

The Ministry continues:

“(The Ministry) recognizes that the OLA provides an important voice for small private residential landlords.”

Why Do I See Some Negative Reviews Out There?

In Part 2 we will explain these negative reviews.

These reviews come from a few select sources.

They have nothing to do with what the Ontario Landlords Association offers and everything to with jealously and/or a fear of losing their power or authority (and money!)

In Part 1 we explained how the Ontario Landlords Association has revolutionized the rental industry in Ontario by truly helping landlords success.

In Part 2 we will examine those have attempted to defame the organization. We will look at their true motives.

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Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks

October 25th, 2013 · Criminal Checks

 Tenant Credit Checks Tenant Criminal Checks

Landlords Across Canada Protect Yourself with Credit Checks and Criminal Checks

Do you want to be a residential landlord?

If you are currently a landlord do you want to continue? Are you doing okay?

We’ve written before about some of the reasons why you should become a landlord.

It seems like things are changing fast.

Landlords Under Attack

We’ve read so many stories of small landlords being under attack.

No, let’s revise that.

We’ve read so many stories of small landlords being under siege recently.

The media likes to write about ‘tenant victims’ and ‘high rents’.

Are these truly the main issues out there? No way.

Sure there are some bad landlords out there. We totally agree with that.

However, look at what small residential landlords have been facing around Canada.

Here are Some Examples of Landlords Under Attack


Here is what happened to an Alberta landlord. Yes, the tenant didn’t pay rent, destroyed the place and declared it his embassy.

British Columbia

This is what happened to a British Columbia landlord. He evicted a tenant and was harassed. Via email!


Ontario landlords are faced with huge new fees. Get ready for landlord licensing!

The Lesson: Now More Than Ever Before You Need to Screen Your Tenants

How can you protect yourself as a landlord?

Truly the key is to conduct very thorough tenant screening.

Never simply get first and last and hand over the key.

Never trust anyone without verifying what they say is actually true and not a lie (and a scam).

Keys to Good Tenant Screening

Fortunately, tools for landlords to make sure you rent to good tenants are available.

Let’s look at a couple of the most important tools for landlords.

1. Tenant Credit Check

According to the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation:

“You should thoroughly research a prospective tenant before making a final decision.”

This is great advice.

You should always do a credit check.

And make sure you choose a good credit check company. 

Some credit check companies offer inferior credit checks that aren’t very helpful for landlords.

We recommend you do a full credit check with GARDA.

You can do a GARDA FULL credit check for only $14/check if you become a member of the Ontario Landlords Association.

2. Tenant Criminal Check

It’s also important landlords do criminal checks. This will not only protect you and your rental property, but will protect any other tenants in the rental unit.

It will also protect the neighbors surrounding your investment property.

We recommend GARDA from criminal checks you can do from your own office or home computer.

These are offered at low costs for landlords in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Be Alert At All Times!

Being a landlord can be a profitable and successful investment decision. You need to make sure you choose the right tenants!

Use the services and tools available to make sure you find these right tenants.

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Ontario Landlords Association Member Goes To Small Claims Court Against Ex-Tenant

September 1st, 2013 · Small Claims Court

 Ontario Landlords Association Member Takes ex-Tenant to Small Claims Court

When Your Tenant Moves Out You Can’t Go To The Landlord and Tenant Board, You Have to Go to Small Claims Court

There’s an excellent story on the Ontario Landlords Association homepage from a landlord who took his tenants to Small Claims Court.

In Ontario, when a tenant moves out the landlord has to use the Small Claims Court system to get compensated for any damages or rent owed.

Tenants get a different set of rules. According the Residential Tenancies Act tenants can apply against their landlord at the Landlord and Tenant Board up to a year after they move out.

You see, in Ontario tenants have special rules while landlords are left out in the cold.

The Ontario Landlords Association member who wrote the story explained the ex-tenants owed him one month of rent and thousands of dollars for repair and cleaning bills.

He explained how he served his ex-tenants by showing up at his workplace and handing over the documents to start the lawsuit. He used personal service because it is difficult for the ex-tenant to say “I never received anything.”

Next up was the Settlement Conference.

A Settlement Conference is a meeting where the landlord and his ex-tenant tenant, who is now the defendant, can discuss the lawsuit in front of a judge.

It’s a very informal setting where you can speak pretty freely. The OLA member said it’s a little like ‘mediation’ at the Landlord and Tenant Board except it feels far more fair and not like the “landlord is the villain” (which describes the LTB).

At the Settlement Conference the landlord got a chance to tell his ex-tenant how upset he was with the mess left and the lost rent.

After some back and forth negotiations the landlord and his ex-tenant came to an agreement.

By making this agreement they could both avoid the time and money needed if they had a trial.

The ex-tenant agree to most of the landlords’ demands and will start paying the landlord $300 per month to cover the landlords’ losses.

This is why the OLA is such an amazing resource for Ontario landlords.

It doesn’t matter if you are renting out your basement in Barrie or own a rental building in Ottawa. You can learn from others experiences. You can also help others by sharing your experiences.

Here’s how you can become an OLA member.

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Barrie Landlord Battles Her Tenant Twice (All In One Night!)

August 1st, 2013 · Barrie landlord


Barrle landlord fights tenant

Threats and Violence Shows the Importance of Tenant Screening

We’ve written before about how bad tenants can wreck a small landlord’s finances.

There’s a great new story about a kind and compassionate landlord who lost thousands of dollars because she was naive and caring over at the Ontario Landlords Association site.

We’ve also discussed how a pro tenant like Nina Willis can do harm on a landlords’ mental health and level of happiness.

So what else can a bad tenant do to a good landlord?

Now comes physical threats and the physical destruction of the landlord’s property.

According to a post at the site for Barrie Landlords there was recently a problem between a landlord and her tenant that escalated into truly scary territory.

At around 2 am there was a report of a man who was renting a basement apartment. Instead of sleeping or watching TV he was was….destroying his own things in the apartment.

The landlord called the police on 48 year old tenant who was in a rage and took him away to get some time to become less intoxicated. 

He finally became sober and was allowed to return to the basement apartment in the morning.

Did he spend time appreciating the authorities who protected him from his own behaviour and apologizing to his landlady?

No way.

He went back and found his door was locked (maybe because it needed to be locked while he was sobering up!)

Did he go upstairs and give a second apology to his landlady and request she open the door for him in a polite and courteous fashion?

No way again.

He took it upon himself to kick the door open! Instead of an apology he gave threats to his landlady.

The landlady was forced to once again contact the authorities to protect herself.

Was the tenant charged?

Yes For violent behavior #1 he was charged with what is called ‘breaching the peace.

For his second incident he was charged with uttering threats and mischief. As part of his release conditions he cannot return to the rental property. His landlady is relieved. If you feel screening tenants is a burden remember what this Barrie landlady faced.

There are lots of great tenants out there, it’s up to you to find them.

Happy Screening.

And be careful!

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Ontario Landlords Association Members Fight To Get New Landlord and Tenant Rules

July 2nd, 2013 · Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

Real Time 0418

Great News with the Rule 33 and Revised L1/L9 Information Update Form

Amazing news for Ontario Landlords!

We have been treated very poorly for years. Look at how low the 2014 rent increase is!

While tenant activists have been emboldened to fight for ‘tenant rights’ it has often been at the expense of hard working and honest small landlords.

Why don’t the tenant activists fight the corporate landlords?

They have lots of money. Lots of trips to Hollywood and Boston for useless meetings to keep up a great ‘face’ they are actually doing something.

Who defends real working landlords in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Landlords Association we now have a new Rule 33 and not only a revised L1 form, but a revised L9 information form!

While the corporate landlords and their employees play golf and bring, um, David Suzuki in as their keynote speaker for landlord, real non-government funded landlord groups fight hard for our rights!

God damn, small Ontario landlords have a lot to worry about, no time for golf and drinks, and David Suzuki doesn’t have the answer to our problems!

Let’s get some background

Earlier in 2013 the Board posted draft versions of the revised L1 / L9 Information as of the Hearing Day form and a new Rule, Rule 33 – The L1/L9 Information as of the Hearing Day Form for public review and feedback.

Based on the comments received, the Landlord and Tenant Board has finalized the form, and finalized the Rule.

Ontario Landlords Association Members Rule!

The good news is the form can now be easily completed online compared to the complications of the previous one.

Click here to access the L1 / L9 Information as of the Hearing Day Form.

Click here to access Rule 33 – The L1 / L9 Information as of the Hearing Day Form.

To discuss this and real issues facing Ontario landlords and Tenants go to the Ontario Landlord Forum.

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