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Newmarket Renters Are DEMANDING Safe, Legal Rental Apartments And Won’t Accept Anything Less For Their Hard-Earned Rent Money

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It’s a Wake-Up Call For All Canadian Landlords, including Newmarket Landlords – Good Newmarket Renters Are DEMANDING Safe, Legal Rental Apartments And Won’t Accept Anything Less For Their Hard-Earned Rent Money

We receive messages from all sorts of social media and thought this one was special. It’s an important message for Newmarket landlords and Newmarket tenants. 

Actually it’s more than that: it’s a message for landlords all over Canada.

It was a from a post from a renter who is upset and actually did something about it. Her name is Robin. Now she wants to help other renters.

Put yourself in Robin’s position.  She’s a single mom who just went through a very tough break-up. Her boyfriend was abusive and it was time for the relationship to end.  She left.  And she took her two kids with her. Her kids are young…very young.

This is her message to other renters out there who may face the same challenges she has recently.

Lots of Jobs In York Region

Robin is back to work.  Daycare is expensive, but she’s doing her best to raise her two children the right way.  She has a pretty good resume and found a good job in York region. But if she wants to advance up the career (and salary) ladder it’s going to require night courses and more certification.

It’s all been a struggle but with strength, optimism and belief in a good future she and her family are doing all right.

Renting in Newmarket, Ontario

After finding a job in York Region Robin had to find a place to live. She was looking for a place to stay long term. She wanted to find an area that was safe, had good access to her place of work, and also was an area that she felt comfortable in.

So she spent weeks looking around York Region, checking out places like Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Keswick. 

She ended up choosing Newmarket, Ontario. 

Why Does Newmarket Have So Many Good Tenants?

Robin said she found Newmarket really appealing upon her first visit. Travel to Newmarket is really easy with access from Highway 404, or Leslie St. or Bayview or Yonge Street or even the 400 Highway. 

There are a lot of good schools and great shopping, all local. The town is safe and Newmarket is growing fast. Newmarket real estate is booming! This led her to believe once she gets more money saved she will buy her own house there.

Rents Are High In Newmarket (and so are cap rates)

Robin looked at several places on the market. She found Newmarket rental prices affordable and loved the easy access up Davis Drive to the GO station. She decided on a nice two bedroom basement apartment.

When she visited the property the landlord required a credit check and Robin was fine with it. After checking her references along with the credit check proving her financial responsibility the landlord agreed to rent to her. The landlord didn’t live upstairs so she was eager to introduce herself and her children to the upstairs people.

Smoke Issues

While Robin and her kids made their basement apartment cozy and friendly, there were some problems with the upstairs tenants. They were noisy but that could be dealt with.

The real problem was they smoked. A lot. And they left cigarette butts all over the place, including in the shared laundry room, sometimes on the carpet.  This was a fire hazard as the carpet could catch fire.

She noticed that the her property didn’t seem very safe. The first thing she noticed was the entrance door to her apartment was flimsy and, God forbid, there ever was a fire she would have no time to get herself and her family out. There was also no exit for them from her unit.

The Newmarket Rental Apartment Was Not Legal

Robin called her landlord and the landlord said the place was safe and “not to worry about it.”

She then asked her neighbours for advicer and was told that her property probably wasn’t legal. Robin went to the Town of Newmarket ADU list of legal registered basement units and was shocked to find her home wasn’t on it.

This was scary time as she realized she was living in a potentially very unsafe rental property.  She was paying a lot of rent and her landlord didn’t even take her concerns seriously!

What Happened To Robin?

Here is what she wrote in her email:

“Fortunately I am a fighter and nothing is more important then the safety of my children! I did some studying and found out the best people to call for help. The landlord ended up being forced to make a lot of changes and make the property safe for us. 

We are still here and our lives are moving forward. When you are struggling with new jobs, kids and life in general you need a good, SAFE place to call home. Please pass on the following information to help others who are in the same situation we were in not that long ago.”

1. Newmarket Renters Can Call The Newmarket Bylaw Department for Help

Renters call call the Newmarket Bylaw Department and they will quickly send an inspector to look at the property. They won’t even tell the landlord! If there are any problems the landlord will be notified to fix them or face very large fines and penalties.

All it takes is one one call to the Newmarket Bylaw Department at 905-895-5193

You can also go to their website at Town of Newmarket Renters Rights Bylaw Department at:


2. Newmarket Renters Can Call the Fire Department For Help

Newmarket renters can also make sure their rental home is legal and safe by calling Central York Fire Services (which is the Newmarket fire department).

Just give them a call and they will send someone over to do an inspection.  If the rental unit isn’t legal the landlord will be ordered to do the expensive and repairs or they could be heavily fined for not caring about the safety of their tenants. 

You can call Central York Fire Services at 905-953-5129.

You can also visit their website Central York Fire Services Tenant Safety at  http://www.cyfs.ca/operations

3. Newmarket Renters Can Call The Ontario Government Enforcement Unit for Help

You can also call the Ontario government for help. The RENTAL HOUSING ENFORCEMENT UNIT can be called at their toll free number 1-888-772-9277.

And the website is http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/page142.aspx

Make Sure Your Rental Property is Registered and Legal and Safe

People from other areas are unaware of the Newmarket system.  More and more areas are following the process to create registered and legal and safe rentals such as in Barrie. This is great news for Barrie landlords.

Good Real Estate Agents Will Tell You How Important It Is To Buy A LEGAL RENTAL PROPERTY

Unfortunately some realtors aren’t giving the full story about the importance of owing legal basement apartments. When you buy a house check with the city or town where you are buying in. Find out about their rental policies. 

And make sure your rental is safe, registered and legal to protect your tenants (and to protect yourself from fines and costly repairs and changes you will have to do while your tenants are there).

Good renters deserves good landlords…and demand safe and legal rental properties.

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