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Newmarket Real Estate Prices – Newmarket Landlords How Much Is Your Rental Property Worth?

January 28th, 2016 · No Comments · Newmarket landlords, Newmarket real estate, Sell Your Ontario Rental Property

Newmarket Real Estate Sold Prices

Newmarket Ontario landlords and property owners want to make sure they sell at the best price

There is a terrific post at the Newmarket Landlords site that is important reading for landlords and property owners all over Ontario.

In the post, it explained many Newmarket Ontario Real Estate Prices (The Real Story) who wanted to sell their rental property felt increasingly concerned about real estate agents “low-balling” them. By low-balling they meant real estate agents are advising people to list their properties at price that is below what they could truly sell for.

Most properties are put up for sale on the MLS system. You can go to MLS.ca and see houses for sale. However, if you are not a real estate agent you can’t see what the properties actually “sold” for.

This means you must rely on the real estate agent to “guide” you, as they have access to the sold prices in your area. Think what a ridiculous system this is in Ontario. In order to set a proper selling price for your property you need to see what the market is.

You can only do this by seeing what other properties sold for, right? But you can’t. At least you can’t do it yourself. You need to rely on the real estate agent to show you the sold prices.

The problem is you don’t know if the real estate agent is showing you the real solds in the area, or at least what solds they may have omitted. In this system you, the Seller, are basically blinded when trying to sell what is probably the biggest financial asset you will ever have.

There was a an important report in the Toronto Star about how the system works in the USA compared to Ontario. In the US, bother buyers and seller can find out sold prices using various websites. Americans can make informed decisions based on their own research. In comparison, Canadians are kept blind by an unfair system that can be abused by real estate agents.

Newmarket Real Estate: Beware of Low-Ball Prices To Sell Your Home

The Newmarket landlords site states they have seen many properties go on the market for prices that are far less than what the sellers could actually sell for.

In order to help sellers make informed choices they listed some recent sold properties (along with the prices).

Newmarket Rental Properties Sold

1. 100 Sheldon Ave. Newmarket, Ontario 

REAL ESTATE 100 Sheldon 1

This property sold for Sold For $508,000 in October 2015.

2. 88 Newbury Drive, Newmarket Ontario

REAL ESTATE 88 Newbury Newmarket

This property sold for $515,200 in October 2015

Newmarket Detached Homes Sold

22 Old Field Cres. Newmarket Ontario 

Real Estate 22 Old field Newmarket

Sold For $870,000 in November 2015

104 Thatcher Cres. Newmarket Ontario

REAL ESTATE 104 Thatcher cres Newmarket

Sold For $835,000

206 Aspenwood Drive, Newmarket Ontario

REAL ESTATE 206 Aspenwood sold

This house was listed at $749,000. It sold in a little over a week for…$806,000

Stouffville Property Prices

3 Lodestone Lane, Stouffville Ontario

REAL ESTATE 3 Lodeston Lane Stouffville Ontario

Sold For $630,000 In October 2015

Don’t Get Ripped Off! Sell Your Property for the Real Value (and don’t get low-balled!)

Prices are rising quickly in Ontario and rental properties are sought after and extremely valuable).

Newmarket landlords saw the beginning of the huge price rise for Newmarket rental properties a year ago, and now it’s growing even faster.

Just as Alberta landlords and BC landlords have experienced in their home provinces before, we are experiencing tremendous price appreciation in the GTA.

Make sure you protect yourself and get the real value of your home when you list if for sale.