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BC Landlords And Alberta Landlords Can Now Use TVS for Tenant Credit Checks

October 10th, 2014 · No Comments · Alberta Landlord Credit Check, BC Landlord Credit Check, Ontario Landlord Credit Check

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Ontario landlords know the important of tenant screening. When you screen tenants carefully you can make sure you know who you are renting to and not simply rely on a tenant interview where you might get a lot of misinformation.

And many of the worst tenants like to target small landlords because they know many small landlords are trusting and don’t have a professional tenant screening system and don’t run credit checks on tenants before renting to them.

One glaring example is a tenant called by the Toronto Star as the “Tenant From Hell.” This is a tenant who only wanted to rent from small family residential landlords.

Why? Because she had a great story and strong interview skills that allowed her to rip off numerous small landlords before.

She had a great story and as soon as she moved in the rent would stop and she would contact the by-law department to complain about the rental property she rented.

Albert Landlords

Small residential Alberta landlords are also facing challenges these days from bad tenants. For example, a Calgary landlord rented to a couple based on a good feeling. The good feeling he had was cause when the tenant couple said they were so happy to be near a school for their child to attend.

These tenants moved in and soon started a grow-op. The landlord eventually sold the property at a loss.

BC Landlords

Landlords in British Columbia have often relied on a handshake deal when renting to tenants. Things are changing fast though.

A story of a B.C. landlord who trusted her gut instincts was in the media recently. She really liked the young man and rented to him because she like him. She even invited him for Thanksgiving dinner!

Fast forward a bit and he owes months of rent, allegedly has a grow op and the landlord is going crazy because the system isn’t helping her.

TVS Credit Checks

The good news is Alberta landlords and BC landlords can now start running TVS credit checks on their tenants! TVS credit checks are a great way to screen tenants.

Alberta Landlords Association

Alberta landlords can join the Alberta Landlords Association and begin running TVS checks to make sure they rent to good tenants.

BC Landlords Association

It’s exciting news for BC landlords.

You can now join the BC Landlords Association for only a low one-time fee. That’s right, no annual fee. Other associations charge expensive annual fees and even charge you for every unit you own!

When you join the BC Landlords Association for a low one time fee you can start with TVS credit checks to find good tenants and avoid the pros.

Tenants Screening and TVS Credit Checks

Ontario landlords know the importance of running credit checks on tenants. Now Alberta landlords and BC landlords can also join the club.

Make sure you run tenant credit checks to ensure you rent to good tenants…and know “who you are renting to.”

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