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Newmarket Landlords are an Example for Landlords Across Ontario on How To Sell Your Rental Property For the Best Price

October 1st, 2014 · No Comments · How to sell your rental property, Newmarket landlords

 Newmarket landlords avoid Newmarket Real Estate Agents To Get the Best Highest Price

Newmarket Landlords and Investors Want To Sell Their Properties At the Best Price! Make Sure You Research Who Will Sell Your Property To Make Sure You Get the Best Price and Not Get Ripped Off!

There’s an important lesson for Ontario landlords who want to sell their rental properties at the best price.

It’s from a terrific post at the Newmarket landlords site about how to sell your rental property in Newmarket.

It’s important reading for landlords all over Ontario and across the country.

Some experienced investors there are seeing a huge difference in the prices of rental properties when listed by Newmarket real estate agents versus real estate agents who are based in Richmond Hill or Toronto.

Newmarket, Ontario Is Growing

The report from the Newmarket Landlords association website says the town of Newmarket is growing fast. It’s also a microcosm of other fast growing cities and towns.

The town of Newmarket, Ontario is one of the key areas under the Ontario Places To Grow plan to grow fast and become a key place in Ontario.

It said a Richmond Hill Realtor said Newmarket is the ‘next Richmond Hill.’

Why Is This Important?

It’s because Richmond Hill real estate prices have grown fast over the past five years and average prices are far more than Newmarket, Ontario.

It means property prices in Newmarket will rise fast over the next couple of years, especially attractive Newmarket investment property.

High Listing Prices and High Sold Prices With Real Estate Agents From Richmond Hill and Toronto

The article goes on about a clear price difference between rental properties for sale.

Those listed by many Newmarket real estate agents are very low compared to those being sold by Richmond Hill and Toronto real estate agents.

It’s a very noticeable price difference.

Can You Provide Me With Examples?

It can be seen when you look at duplexes in Newmarket.

These are usually semi-detached properties with basement apartments (which have separate kitchens, bathrooms, and entrances).

Looking around one area of the Town which has a lot of these types of rental properties is revealing.

While properties listed by Newmarket Realtors are generally in the high $300,000 those listed by Richmond Hill and Toronto Realtors are often listed well over $400,000!

For example this property sold at a high price…$458,500…and was listed by a Richmond Hill Real Estate agent NOT A LOCAL NEWMARKET REAL ESTATE AGENT!

Newmarket Property Sold For A High Price By a Richmond Hill based Realtor

Newmarket Property Sold For A High Price By a Richmond Hill based Realtor

The Lesson for Ontario Landlords – Be Informed and List With Realtors Who Will Get You the Best Price When You Sell Your Rental Property!

We think it’s because it’s ‘easy’ as they are aggressive and willing to do what it takes to get a quick sale that might lead to you losing thousands of dollars.

Many landlords are also too busy to do the work to find a real estate agent outside of Newmarket who will sell your income property for a hell of a lot more than a Newmarket realtor out for a quick sale and a quick commission.

Landlords Make Sure You Only List With Agents Who Will Give You The Highest Price!

There are lots of real estate agents there who will severely undervalue your property to get a quick sale and a quick commission.

Do your research and list with a high quality Richmond Hill or Toronto real estate agent who will sell your property for a high price…not just a quick commission!

Take a look at what Newmarket Landlords face. Make sure you list with a real estate agent who will sell your rental property at a fair price!

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