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Landlords in BC: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership/TVS/Other Services? (Trolls Attack!)

September 2nd, 2014 · No Comments · BC Landlords Association, Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership

Landlords in BC Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership TVS Other Services

Trolls and Competitors Attack! Landlords in BC: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership

We have written before about the BC Landlords Association Membership and how it helps BC landlords.

You can see our post by clicking on “BC Landlords Association Review: Why You Should Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association.”

Why Should I Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association?

There a number of logical reasons why joining the BC Landlords Association makes sense for landlords who want to succeed and make profits.

1. One Time Registration Fee

It’s only a one time fee.

Unlike other landlord groups in BC who who charge a $50 registration fee and an annual fee of $150/year PLUS extra fees each year for how many units you have, if you join the BC Landlords Association you pay only one time to get registered and get full access to services.

That’s it. This is because the BC Landlords Association is run by landlords who want to help other small landlords and ‘raise the bar’ for all of us for tenant screening and professionalism.

2. Recognized by the British Columbia Government

The BC Landlords Association is recognized by BC government as a resource for landlords. This is very important because the provincial government wants to provide good resources for small landlords.

3. Private Members Forum

With over 11,000 posts this is the biggest  private landlord member forum in Canada. It’s filled with successful residential landlords. This includes landlords who have even retired and become full time landlords.

4. BC Landlord Rental Kit

Get the BC landlord rental kit with leases and other documents that you can download 24/7.

5. Premium Credit Checks for a low member price

Get amazing credit checks from Equifax and full checks GARDA to help you find great tenants at huge discounts.

I Saw Some Negative Posts at Red Flag Deals. What’s Going ON?

With only a one time fee and amazing services some people aren’t happy.  They are usually competitors acting as landlords.

They can’t compete with the one time fee and the terrific credit check services offered by the BC Landlords Association.

Professional tenants who want to scam small landlords are upset because the BC Landlords Association provides small landlords with affordable tools to screen them out.

So what do they do? They become internet trolls and try to attack and smear in the hopes of disparaging people to join.

Red Flag Deals

Last year a British Columbia Landlord asked about joining the BC Landlords Association.

He wrote:

“Hi fellow BCers,

Does anyone have experience with the $99 or $199 One Time Membership Fee through bclandlords.ca/membership? I initially checked out Equifax’s tenant verification – it costs $150 per year with $25 per credit check, and they said if I have a membership through BCLA I get a discount. On first look it looks like the BCLA membership is the better deal.

So is the extra $100 worth it for all the extra stuff? Is the $99 worth it for the basic membership?

I just registered for TVS, which was free, but haven’t used it yet. Any experiences? Also heard about Rentcheck, Backcheck and some other services – anyone have any experience there?”

Dishonest replies

This person was quickly given bad information from an internet troll.

It’s interesting that the troll said the BC landlord forum is “scammy” and is associated with the Ontario Landlords Association forum.

This is because the BC Landlords Association forum is part of a Canada-wide forum where landlords can network and help each other.

And this Canada wide forum has more BC related contributors and posts than any other forums in the province!

There was even a troll who recommended a company that was dropped by the BC Landlords Association because of complaints from small landlords!

Landlords in BC: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership/TVS/Other Services

Avoid the trolls who are afraid of small landlords being offered premium services for a low one time registration fee.

The BC Landlords Association is highly recommended!

1. You pay only a one time fee.

2, You can run premium full credit checks fast

3. You get the BC Landlord Rental Kit (you can download it 24/7)

4. You get access to a Private Members forum where successful landlords chat.

BC Landlords Success!

Join the BC Landlords Association for  a low one time fee and get the services you need to succeed.

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