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Landlord Credit Checks: Use Landlord Credit Checks To Find Good Tenants

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Be Careful Who You Rent To!

 Whether you are a BC Landlord, Alberta Landlord, Ontario Landlord or Own Rental Property Anywhere in Canada, Make Sure To Run Credit Checks Before Renting To Tenants

News spreads fast amongst the landlord community. There’s a story British Columbia Landlords continue to talk about and see as a warning.


Because it’s every small landlord’s worst nightmare: serial bad tenants who don’t pay rent and know how to ‘play the system’ to avoid being evicted.

What’s the landlord nightmare story?

According to CBC News, Chris and Susan Perret are now being evicted by their sixth landlord within two years.

This couple has been called “serial bad tenants” because they play the same bad tenant game when they meet their next landlord.

What Is the ‘Bad Tenant” Game?

These bad tenants have developed a system to fool landlords into renting to them.

1. Bad Tenants Are Convincing

They usually are very friendly and tell you what they think you want to hear.

2. Bad Tenants Won’t Pay You With Guaranteed Funds

They like to give cheques along with promises.

3. Bad Tenants Will Provide Fake References

You really think that’s their current landlord or employer on the phone? It might not be.

Why Do Serial Bad Tenants Target Small Landlords?

All six landlords are “small residential B.C. landlords” and not corporate landlords.

One of the reasons why bad tenants target small landlords is because unlike corporate landlords most small landlords don’t screen the tenants carefully.

For example, none of these small landlords did a “credit check” on the two renters.

As an experienced landlord in the BC Landlords forum wrote:

“A simple credit check would have shown the landlords where these two renters were living and had lived before.”

The experienced landlord continued:

“They would have seen where these tenants lived and could have easily verified it. By verifying it they would have found out their rental history and avoided renting to them.”

How Can Small Landlords Run Tenant Credit Checks?

It is now simple and affordable for landlords across Canada to run premium credit checks on tenants

BC Landlord Credit Checks

While organizations such as LandlordsBC require landlords pay an annual fee, the BC Landlords Association only charges a one-time registration fee for landlords.

Once you register you can do premium credit checks for huge discounts and no hassle.

Alberta Landlord Credit Checks

Join the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time set up fee of only $99 and Alberta landlords can start doing premium credit checks on their tenants with TVS for only $10 per check.

Yes, that’s right. No annual fees, only a one time fee and you can start protecting your rental business for $10 per check!

Ontario Landlord Credit Checks

Good news for landlord who want to manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board and to stay living in your rental for months without paying rent. Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a one-time fee and to get huge discounts on credit checks and other important landlord tools.

How Can Landlord Find Good Tenants?

Make sure you screen tenants carefully!

Invest in your rental business success with high quality, affordable tenant credit checks.

An investment of $10 can end up saving you thousands of dollars whether you are a BC landlord, Alberta landlord, Ontario landlord or own rental property anywhere in Canada!


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