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Landlord Stress: What Happens When Tenants Don’t Pay Rent?

April 18th, 2014 · No Comments · Bad tenants, Credit Check, rent

Landlords Stress Tenants Who Don't Pay Rent

Stressed Out Landlord Loses His Mind and Uses a Chainsaw to Collect Rent Owed to Him!

There is a crazy story from Reuters news agency of a landlord in German who lost his mind when trying to collect rent from his non-paying tenants.

He was owed 13,000 Euros from a couple of tenants in the southern German town of Burgau.

He showed up at the rental property demanding the rent be paid. The problem was he was carrying a chainsaw that was whirring away at full speed!

Fortunately, the authorities arrived and his behaviour ended. He was charged with threatening the tenants and the authorities.

Landlord Stress

While the story about this German landlord is extreme (and thankfully he’s been taken in by the authorities there) the reality about landlords and stress is real and common.

When tenants don’t pay rent it has a serious impact on a landlord.

This is especially true if the landlord is individual or family landlord and not a large corporate entity.

BC Landlords and Serial Bad Tenants

There have been some startling recent investigations by CBC news on serial bad tenants who don’t pay their rent.

It has British Columbia landlords on the edge and demanding changes to the BC landlord and tenant system.

Here’s The Bad Tenant’s Scam

This couples lies to the landlord get the chance to rent the property.

They have a terrific story to persuade the landlord to rent to them. For example, they say the last landlord ‘stole their rent money’ and ‘took off.’

Unfortunately these new landlords don’t conduct BC tenant credit checks and believe the tenants.

They provide cheques to the new landlord for months of rent in advance and security deposits and move in.

A few days later the landlord finds out the cheques bounced and the tenants are living rent free.

BC Landlords Demanding Change

You can see the stress and anger in the interviews with the landlords who have been cheated.

They are even demanding the creation of a ‘bad tenant registry’ in BC.

Ontario Landlords and Bad Tenants

British Columbia isn’t the only province where landlords face bad tenants who don’t pay the rent.

We have seen many stories of Ontario landlords who face the same problems.

Tenants who don’t pay can lead not only to stress for landlords, but depression and even serious family strife.

Nowadays even Alberta landlords are being extra careful who they rent to!

Landlord Stress Is Real

If you are thinking of becoming a landlord make sure you do a lot of research.

Non-paying tenants exist and are out there.

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