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BC Landlords Association Review: Why You Should Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association

March 9th, 2014 · No Comments · BC Landlords Association Review, BC Landlords review

 BC Landlords Association Membership Review B.C. landlords

Our Review of BC Landlords Association Membership and Why British Columbia Landlords Should Become Members

Landlords all over Canada face major challenges if you rent your property to pro tenants.

This includes British Columbia.

When we think of B.C. we think of big mountains.

And the wonderful Pacific Ocean.

We think of wonderful views and fresh air that sweetens the lungs.

BC landlords are thinking of something else: Avoiding bad tenants.

Why are BC landlords thinking about bad tenants?

Because they are out there and they want to rent properties from good BC landlords!    

Tenants who don’t pay the rent, do damages and even harass their landlords.

These ‘bad tenants’ like to target small residential landlords.

Take a look and see for yourself here.

Our Review of the BC Landlords Association and Review f BC Landlords Association  Membership

The BC Landlords Association is the fastest growing landlord association in the province.

There is an excellent review of the BC Landlords Association at the Surrey landlords association site.

Surrey Landlords Recommend Membership with the BC Landlords Association


The reasons include:

1.  BC Landlords Association Members is a One-Time Fee

All membership choices are a one-time fee. It’s as low as $99 for a lifetime membership!

Unlike all the other associations who will charge you every year whether you use their services or not.                                           

2.  Tenant Credit Checks for only $10 from Equifax and GARDA

Equifax is the world wide leader in credit information.

GARDA is the world wide leader in background screening.

These are far better choices than companies such as ‘rentcheck’ which are not clear on their pricing and their reports are mediocre and unhelpful.

3.  Access to over 80,000 posts at the Canada Landlords Forum

This is the biggest landlord forum in Canada.

It has thousands of members.

BC landlords association members get access to the ‘Private forum” where experienced landlords and property managers discuss issues outside of the view of the general public.

Our Review of becoming a Member of the BC Landlords Association



The keys  are:

1.         The one-time simply can’t be beat.

2.         The tenant credit check services are incredible, and at an incredible price!

3.         The Landlord forum is the biggest and best in Canada and incredibly helpful for small landlords

4.          Recognized by the British Columbia government as a source of information for small landlords

It’s everything you need for small landlord success!

British Columbia Landlords: BC Landlords Association Membership is Amazing!

For a one-time you get everything you need to find great tenants and succeed as a landlord.

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