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Ontario Landlords Association Review

November 12th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Ontario Landlords Association Review

Review Part 1: Ontario Landlords Association Offers Excellent Tools and Services For Small Landlords

Not long ago when an Ontario landlord was looking for advice or help with a bad tenant there simply wasn’t anywhere to go to.

It didn’t matter what your question or issue was.

You could be looking for ways to screen tenants to make sure you find good one (and avoid the pro tenants out there).

You looked around for help and what did you find? No help!

A few property management companies making big promises if you hired them (and paid them!)

And we know what can happen if you hire a property management company to run your properties when you aren’t around to watch carefully.

Or you could be looking for advice on tenants arguing with each other.

Maybe you needed some tips on how to file an N4 to evict your tenants.

There was no where to network with other landlords across Ontario.

The only way to find advice was to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer or paralegal…and their advice might not even be helpful (of course they still took your money.)

The Ontario Landlords Association: Tips and Advice

The Ontario Landlords Association started and offered a way for landlords to network with each other.

With networking landlords learned from each other, shared tips, and even gave warnings from their past experiences.

For example, before the OLA many landlords thought payments from tenants on Ontario Works or ODSP were ‘guaranteed.’

Landlords who had experience warned others that tenants on welfare could stop the direct rent payments at any time. All they had to do was make a phone call to their social worker.

The Ontario Landlords Association: Landlord Tools and Services

A few years ago very few landlords knew the importance of tenant credit checks.

Small landlords were still renting to people based on a handshake and a good vibe when they met prospective tenants.

Even if you wanted to do a tenant credit check they were very expensive and complicated.

The Ontario Landlords Association along introduced Equifax and TVS credit checks to landlords across Ontario for low costs and easy usage.

Even the Ontario Government Praises the Ontario Landlords Association

With all the networking and tools and services for landlords, you might expect the government who makes the rules would be unhappy.

That isn’t the case.

Even the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing applauded the work the Ontario Landlords Association was doing.

They even wrote:

“The Ministry greatly values the role that the Ontario Landlords Association and it’s members play in providing quality, affordable rental housing in Ontario.”

The Ministry continues:

“(The Ministry) recognizes that the OLA provides an important voice for small private residential landlords.”

Why Do I See Some Negative Reviews Out There?

In Part 2 we will explain these negative reviews.

These reviews come from a few select sources.

They have nothing to do with what the Ontario Landlords Association offers and everything to with jealously and/or a fear of losing their power or authority (and money!)

In Part 1 we explained how the Ontario Landlords Association has revolutionized the rental industry in Ontario by truly helping landlords success.

In Part 2 we will examine those have attempted to defame the organization. We will look at their true motives.

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