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Barrie Landlord Battles Her Tenant Twice (All In One Night!)

August 1st, 2013 · No Comments · Barrie landlord


Barrle landlord fights tenant

Threats and Violence Shows the Importance of Tenant Screening

We’ve written before about how bad tenants can wreck a small landlord’s finances.

There’s a great new story about a kind and compassionate landlord who lost thousands of dollars because she was naive and caring over at the Ontario Landlords Association site.

We’ve also discussed how a pro tenant like Nina Willis can do harm on a landlords’ mental health and level of happiness.

So what else can a bad tenant do to a good landlord?

Now comes physical threats and the physical destruction of the landlord’s property.

According to a post at the site for Barrie Landlords there was recently a problem between a landlord and her tenant that escalated into truly scary territory.

At around 2 am there was a report of a man who was renting a basement apartment. Instead of sleeping or watching TV he was was….destroying his own things in the apartment.

The landlord called the police on 48 year old tenant who was in a rage and took him away to get some time to become less intoxicated. 

He finally became sober and was allowed to return to the basement apartment in the morning.

Did he spend time appreciating the authorities who protected him from his own behaviour and apologizing to his landlady?

No way.

He went back and found his door was locked (maybe because it needed to be locked while he was sobering up!)

Did he go upstairs and give a second apology to his landlady and request she open the door for him in a polite and courteous fashion?

No way again.

He took it upon himself to kick the door open! Instead of an apology he gave threats to his landlady.

The landlady was forced to once again contact the authorities to protect herself.

Was the tenant charged?

Yes For violent behavior #1 he was charged with what is called ‘breaching the peace.

For his second incident he was charged with uttering threats and mischief. As part of his release conditions he cannot return to the rental property. His landlady is relieved. If you feel screening tenants is a burden remember what this Barrie landlady faced.

There are lots of great tenants out there, it’s up to you to find them.

Happy Screening.

And be careful!

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