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Ontario Landlords Association Members Fight To Get New Landlord and Tenant Rules

July 2nd, 2013 · No Comments · Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

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Great News with the Rule 33 and Revised L1/L9 Information Update Form

Amazing news for Ontario Landlords!

We have been treated very poorly for years. Look at how low the 2014 rent increase is!

While tenant activists have been emboldened to fight for ‘tenant rights’ it has often been at the expense of hard working and honest small landlords.

Why don’t the tenant activists fight the corporate landlords?

They have lots of money. Lots of trips to Hollywood and Boston for useless meetings to keep up a great ‘face’ they are actually doing something.

Who defends real working landlords in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Landlords Association we now have a new Rule 33 and not only a revised L1 form, but a revised L9 information form!

While the corporate landlords and their employees play golf and bring, um, David Suzuki in as their keynote speaker for landlord, real non-government funded landlord groups fight hard for our rights!

God damn, small Ontario landlords have a lot to worry about, no time for golf and drinks, and David Suzuki doesn’t have the answer to our problems!

Let’s get some background

Earlier in 2013 the Board posted draft versions of the revised L1 / L9 Information as of the Hearing Day form and a new Rule, Rule 33 – The L1/L9 Information as of the Hearing Day Form for public review and feedback.

Based on the comments received, the Landlord and Tenant Board has finalized the form, and finalized the Rule.

Ontario Landlords Association Members Rule!

The good news is the form can now be easily completed online compared to the complications of the previous one.

Click here to access the L1 / L9 Information as of the Hearing Day Form.

Click here to access Rule 33 – The L1 / L9 Information as of the Hearing Day Form.

To discuss this and real issues facing Ontario landlords and Tenants go to the Ontario Landlord Forum.

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