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Are You an Ontario Landlord Who Wants to Network, Learn, and Get Advice?

May 12th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Ontario landlord forum, ontario landlords association

Ontario landlords association networking, help, advice

Ontario Landlords have an amazing opportunity to network, learn, and get advice from the Ontario Landlords Association

We have received a lot of emails from landlords all over Canada looking for advice and commenting on our website posts.

Most of the emails have been from Ontario Landlords who are having tenant problems or want to make sure they avoid the tenants problems they always read about.

Landlords are scared after reading newspaper articles about ‘Tenants from Hell’ such as Nina Willis who according to the Toronto Star has left a trail of defeated landlords in her path. Or the landlords who faced landlord legal problems in Barrie, Ontario.

We recommend joining the Ontario Landlords Association.

Here are two emails we’ve received over the past few weeks.

Email from Reader #1:

“After so many tenant problems I jointed the Ontario Landlords Association (OLA) Membership makes everything SOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier…I wish I’d found it years ago …. access to resources, ability to do credit checks and tenant verification, discounts on insurance and other stuff, and smart people to ask questions of … best investment ever, especially as it’s a one time fee.”

Email from Reader #2, which is more like a testimonial and a “thank you” card.

“A wealthy member of my family past away and left me an inheritance and I figured a good play would be buying up some properties would be a great investment.  I bought several income properties and became a landlord in Barrie, Ontario.

I was right but I did not have the experience to match my ambition. I am so happy I found www.ontariolandlords.org

The OLA website gave me the tools to jump right in and start safely reaping the return on my investments and hard work.

With credit checks from Equifax for only $10 you can’t lose. There is so much more than just buy the property and fixing it up. You need complex and battle tested leases and applications . The OLA  truly gave me everything I needed o succeed.

For a newbie landlord they were a dream come true. The guidebooks laid the entire plan out with easy to understand content and easy to digest concepts.

For the $99 onetime fee for new members I feel like I got a huge deal. Most services online that claim they can do all this charge thousands of dollars. I know because I bought into a lot of the gimmicks. Thanks to the Ontario Landlords Association I was given the keys to success and the cutting edge in the ever changing market of real estate. I never write reviews but when the credit is due someone needs to give it. Thanks again!”

For Ontario landlords to network and discuss issues please go to the Ontario Landlords Forum

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