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Ontario Landlords – The Tenant From Hell and Tenant Screening

March 16th, 2013 · 4 Comments · ontario landlords association

Tenant from hell and tenant screening


Ontario Landlords Are Watching as a Tenant from Hell, Nina Willis, Is Forced to Pay Landlord after Locking Him Out

Nina Willis, a tenant in Toronto has recently been branded as the ‘tenant from hell’.  We’ve read about her before.

Served with a number of eviction notices, she has recently been found guilty of changing the locks to the home that she rented, which ultimately blocked her landlord from entering the property that he owned. The trial was held on Friday, but Willis did not attend.

Adam Lawlor, Crown Prosecutor was quick to point out that Willis was not in attendance, and he highlighted that it was probably because she didn’t show any remorse. He then went on to say that she needed much more than a slap on the wrist. An example needed to be sent out there, a message which shows that there is no time for this type of behavior, and a message that would deter both her and other tenants from doing it in the future.  Wow, the landlord should have got help.

In court, Willis was convicted of obstructing her landlord’s right to enter the property, and a second conviction for changing a lock without asking the landlord’s permission. Rhonda Roffey, Justice of the Peace in the area ordered that Willis should pay a fine of $2,750 within six months. Wow, finally a result have so many Ontario Tenants misbehave.

The charges were brought before the court by the enforcement and investigations team at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. They started an investigation after Darius Vakili, the landlord, sent in a complaint. The penalties are not over for Willis yet, each of the convictions carries a fine of up to $25,000, but it has not yet been decided how much she would end up paying.

Recently, Willis caught the attention of ‘The Star’, a website famed for its investigative reporting in the area. This investigation looked into protections that tenants had from the Landlord and Tenant Board which effectively meant that they could stay in their properties without paying any rent. This investigation looked into how landlords have no way of looking into the past history of a tenant as this remains secret. The Star had its disposal a number of court documents dating back to 2005 which showed that she had been asked to leave at least six homes.

Vakili told the court that he had attempted to enter the property twice, once in May 2012 and the second in June 2012. At this point Willis had already been renting the property for one year. The first time Willis denied him access after a fierce confrontation. The second time that he tried to enter he found that the locks had been changed.

During one of his attempts in May he was actually granted access but was prevented from entering many parts of the home by a man who was not registered to live there. He said at this point the house was packed to the brim with furniture that in some cases was stacked up so high that it reached the ceiling. All of the locks had been changed, and in the case of the front door, wooden boards had been placed over the front to stop anybody from entering. Vaikil said he gave a written notice each time he wanted to enter the property.

Investigations have shown that this isn’t the first time for Willis. Many times she has moved into a home and stopped paying rent, or paying only a bit of what she owes. When she is faced with eviction she appeals to the tenant board, complaining about maintenance issues and harassment. She then attempts to stretch out the appeals process for as long as possible which allow her to effectively stay in the property rent free.

These aren’t the only charges that Willis is facing either. She was eventually evicted from this property in 2012. However, she is also facing a charge of issuing fraudulent checks and lying about her employment. These charges are brought by both the Vakili case and a previous landlord she rented from.

How Can You Avoid Tenants From Hell? It’s a Problem Across Canada!

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