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February 20th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Ontario landlord forum

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Landlord Forums Are a Great Way To learn and Make Your Rental Property Profitable

Are you interested in investing in rental property? Have you already invested and have a property manager? Are you a landlord managing your own units?

Being a landlord can be a lonely business

There’s an old saying: no one likes a landlord. Let’s face it, even if you  own a single family home, a duplex, a triplex or rent out your basement apartment, you are called a landlord and lumped with those huge shoddy apartment buildings you see when you drive downtown.

It’s not fair. You invested in rental property because you saw an investment opportunity. You know that taking care of your tenants and maintaining your properties is a key to success.

Yet you are still called a “landlord” and it seems everyone remembers one bad landlord in their lives.

Being a landlord can be a tricky business

Being a landlord certainly isn’t easy. One bad tenant can take months to evict. A bad tenant can cost you thousands of dollars in damages. Unlike corporate landlords who have hundreds of units and have economies of scale  to avoid disaster with a bad tenant, you area a small landlord and you rely on the rent being paid every month on time.

How can a landlord gain an edge and get on the path for success? 

Information is power.

By networking with other landlords you will get over any feelings of loneliness. You will also gain important information, important contacts, and learn from others.

Ontario Landlords and the Ontario Landlord Forum

Let’s look at this case where a landlord lost thousands of dollars after renting to a Tenant From Hell.  After over one year and thousands of dollars lost, the landlord Darius Vikili finally managed to get an eviction.

The landlord was inexperienced. He didn’t do proper tenant screening and ended up with a bad tenant. Had he gone on the Ontario landlord forum prior to renting to this tenant he would have been advised to never hand over the key without credit checks, landlord references, and other screening techniques.

Alberta Landlords and the Alberta Landlords Forum

An Alberta landlord found her tenants turned her rental property into a huge dump, then vanished. When she tried to recover her losses she admitted to not doing a move-in inspection report. This meant she had no case. If she would have networked with other Alberta landlords she would have been informed to always get the inspection report done.

British Columbia Landlords and the British Columbia Landlords Forum

A British Columbia landlord was recently ordered to pay $15,000 to their tenant to build a ramp to assist her for accessibility in and out of her rental property. If the BC landlord would have joined the forum, experienced landlords would have provided advice to avoid such a large fine.

Work with others as a team for success

Whether you are in Ontario, Alberta, BC, or Manitoba landlord, or a Saskatchewan landlord or Nova Scotia landlord the same rules apply: Knowledge is power.

Join a landlord forum and become part of team for your landlord success!

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