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Ontario Landlords Association – Why We Become Landlords And How To Succeed!

February 12th, 2013 · 4 Comments · ontario landlords association

Ontario landlords association

Ontario Landlords Association and other provincial high quality associations provide you with the tools for landlord success

I wrote last week on the topic of “I’m an Ontario Landlord – How Can I Become Successful and Make Money.”

It was a big hit because let’s face it, we get into this business not because it’s some enjoyable past-time (ha!)  We get into it to attempt to make money.  Our goals to make money as a landlord include:

1. I Want To Make My Money Work For Me

You put in your time working for money. Now it’s time for your money to work for you.

2. I Think the Stock Market Is Too Risky

Monday you watch the news and the stock market is up. Tuesday your stock broker calls you and says the market is down and you lost money. You don’t want to gamble in this casino and risk your money.

3. I Want Some Security For My Retirement

You don’t have a pension to rely on. Or your pension is very low. You want another source of income.

4. I Need Help to Pay The Mortgage On My House

You bought a house with a basement apartment. That will provide rental income to help you cover your mortgage.

5. I Am Retired Now And Have Savings and Time

You are now retired. You have the time and the energy to start another business project. And you don’t want to pay for a franchise.

After all, there are already enough Mr. Subs and Tim Hortons out there (if they are even available to buy in to!)

Being a Small Landlord Can Make You Financially Successful

We know the road can be rocky and there are lots of risks out there because not only is the Ontario Landlord System bad in Ontario, but there are lots of Tenants From Hell out there ready to use it and abuse landlords, especially small business landlords.

So how can those of us who want to make money with investment properties actually do it?

The keys are:

* education and knowledge of the big picture

*individual skills for each part of the landlord process

*proper landlord forms

*a strong network

This is why we believe it’s very beneficial for you to join the Ontario Landlords Association. For only a one-time fee, let’s look at how you can conquer each of the points above.


The Ontario Landlord Association (and other provincial landlord associations such as the British Columbia Landlords Association, the Alberta Landlords Association, the Saskatchewan Landlords Association, the Manitoba Landlords Association and the Nova Scotia Landlords Association) offer you the tools and services you need to succeed.

Each offer you expert guidebooks on how to be a landlord in your province.


The Ontario Landlords Association and the other provincial associations offer you manual for tenant screening, writing ads, and creating leases.


Each of the landlord associations provides you will all the leases, applications, and notices you need to succeed.


Each of the above provincial landlord associations provide you with access to the business and most popular landlord forums in Canada.

So You Want To Be A Landlord? Yes You Can! Make Sure You Join a Great Landlords Group Such As the Ontario Landlords Association And Learn, Network, Learn Some More, and Take Action! To Discuss This And Other Landlord Topics Go To The Ontario Landlords Forum.

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