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Ontario Landlords – You Need To Check This Site Out If You Want Success

January 14th, 2013 · 1 Comment · ontario landlords association

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Being a landlord in Ontario isn’t easy.

Take a look at how many stories there are about bad tenants abusing the system.

For example, Nina Willis … the Tenant From Hell:

Asked if he was going to look for a new tenant, Nina Willis’ landlord Vakili said he has no immediate plans and he first has to see the condition of the house, expecting “to see a lot of dirt” and damage to the property.

Or this landlord from Barrie, Ontario who hired a bad property management company to manage her home while you moved to British Columbia.

Our family is close to financial ruin.

The government offices have offered no assistance whatsoever to our family.

The local MPs were not interested, the city is not interested.

Ontario landlords are under attack and in need of landlord solutions.

Even an Ontario Supreme Court judge criticized the way landlords are abused in Ontario.

The judge look carefully at the case and saw how loopholes in Ontario allowed a predatory tenant to abuse the landlord.

The judge then demanded change to the laws in Ontario and more fairness.

Basically the Wise Judge Saw It’s Just Too Easy To Screw a Landlord in Ontario

So what can Ontario Landlords Do? If you get a bad tenants (and there are so many out there) you will have to try to evict them.

After all, you want landlord success. You don’t want landlord legal problems. You want to find landlord solutions to any problems.

Check out the Ontario Landlords Association (OLA)

The Ontario Landlords Association is recognized by the Ontario government as an important voice for small residential landlords.

The Ontario Landlords Association also offers an incredibly economical membership. Just a one time fee for great tools and services to help landlords.

You get:

*  A complete rental kit with leases, applications and every other document you need to protect your business.

*  Credit checks for only $10 from Equifax.

*  Lots more amazing services.

How can you go wrong with a one time fee for all the services an Ontario Landlord needs to succeed!

Go here to find the tools and services you need to succeed as an Ontario Landlord:

Ontario Landlords Association Membership

…And it’s all for a one-time fee!

Ontario Landlords Want Success But Are Faced With Bad Tenants And A Landlord Legal System That Is Pro-Tenant and Anti-Landlord.  Sign Up With the Ontario Landlords Association To Get the Tools and Services You Need For Success.

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