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Landlord Success Step #1 – The 5 Step Process For Tenant Screening To Find Awesome Tenants

December 1st, 2012 · 1 Comment · Tenant screening


Want To Be A Successful Landlord? Use Your 5 Step Tenant Screening System to Find Awesome Tenants!

At least 90% of your problems with tenants can be solved and even eliminated with excellent tenant screening.

Sounds Good, But If My Rental Is Empty I Feel Nervous

You and just about every other small business landlord out there.

Many landlords say they feel nervous. And why shouldn’t they be?

1 – Vacant or not, rental property mortgages still need to be paid.

2 – Vacant or not, property taxes still need to be paid.

3 – Vacant or not, you still have to pay to keep the property maintained

Yes, That’s Why I Want To Rent My Place Out Fast

Sure, but if you rent to a bad tenant it can take months to evict.

Bad tenants can leave thousands of dollars in damages.

Bad tenants can create a lot of stress and mental anguish for landlords.

I Agree. So What Should Landlords Do?

Always make sure you only rent to tenants who qualify. If you can’t good tenants, you should invest in something other than rental properties.


Qualify meaning they pass your Tenant Screening Process. The is what the best property management companies do. They have strict tenant screening systems in place.

What Are These Steps?

We’ll go over each and everyone.

Let’s start with The First Step.

Sounds good

The first step for professional tenant screening is FIRST CONTACT.

How Does That Work?

When you first meet a potential renter, your tenant screening process has begun.

For Me, First Contact Usually Is A Telephone Call From a Potential Tenant

This is how it usually starts.

Step #1 is you receive a telephone call for your rental property advertisement.

You need to ask the proper questions to decide if this potential renter should go to Step #2.

How Can I Do This?

You can this by asking proper qualifying questions such as:

– I will conduct a credit check

– No pets

– I will conduct an employment check

What Do I Do If They Can’t Answer and Don’t Qualify?

You take their information, be polite, and once it’s over don’t call them back.

How Can I Organise My Information For Step #1?

We recommend creating a print-out.

Applicant’s Name:

The Applicants Phone Number:

Your Reason for Moving:

# of People and their Relationship to You:

Intended Rental Term:

Occupancy Date:

Do You Have Pets:

Do you Smoke:

We will do a Credit Check

Do you have Landlord References

If you want to succeed as a landlord and avoid bad tenants, follow our Tenant Screening system. To discuss this an other landlord issues, go to the Canada Landlords Forum.

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