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Ontario Tenants Ask Landlord to Rescue Them From a Flood

October 28th, 2012 · No Comments · Property management

Toronto Tenants Dealing With The Flood Ask Landlord To Find Solutions

What Happened?

According to a CBC report over 12 tenants in 3 Toronto apartment buildings are homeless after a water main broke and flooded their rental apartments.

How Much Damage Was Caused?

Some Tenants say they have lost everything.

Who Is To Blame?

The tenants say they still don’t know who to contact for compensation. Furthermore, there’s confusion about who was responsible for breaking the pipe.

How Bad Is the Situation?

But outside the apartments at 131 Woodward Ave., near Jane Street and Highway 401, the evidence of the damage is everywhere. There are beds, televisions, sofas — all ruined and left in the garbage.

What Do the Tenants Say?

“The bathtub was backing up black, awful stuff — and from there the hall started filling up with water — and we were here the whole day waiting outside,” said Jeannie Jacquard. She and her husband lost everything.  They don’t have insurance.

This isn’t the first time tenants without insurance have lost everything.

What is Her Next Step?

Jacquard says she can’t get any answers.  It’s been a real nightmare.

Tenant Wayne Steele even says he had to give up his two cats because of the situation.

Who is To Blame?

Many Tenants think Enbridge or some of the company contractors are to blame.
Does Enbridge Admit To It?
No.Enbridge told CBC News it wasn’t even aware there was a problem.
So Who Is Next to Blame?
The landlord, of course. Ontario tenants often find the landlord an easy target.

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