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Tenant From Hell Nina Willis Has Been Evicted!

October 2nd, 2012 · No Comments · Landlord Legal Problems, Property management

According to the Toronto Star, Tenant from Hell Nina Willis has finally been evicted.                                        

The Star report said it took five police, and the sheriff, the landlord and even locksmith, but finally nightmare Toronto tenant Nina Willis has finally been evicted from the building.

Willis shouted “Why are you doing this to me? You can’t do this to me!” at the two enforcement officers with the Ontario Sheriff’s office from inside the house she was being evicted from in North York, Ontario.

Willis screamed at them: “I’ve done everything right!” (To read what she’s actually done see the Ontario Landlords Site).

In September Willis, a woman and two men were all wearing hats and sunglasses. They left under police supervision through the fence in the backyard.

The locks were changed and Willis has 72 hours to call her former landlord and arrange to collect her things.

The Landlord, Darius Vakili, was pleased Willis was out but said he was “scared of what will happen next,” and is worried she will return and break into the house. Willis has given Vakili lots of problems over the past year.

Vakili told the Star the police cautioned him not to enter the house until Willis removes her possessions, and to let police know when she returns to remove her things, as Vakili must be there to let her in.

If she doesn’t call within 72 hours, Vakili has the legal right to dispose of everything in the house.

Vakili worries.  He said “I have a bad feeling they are not going to call me and I will have to clean up all (their) junk.”

Asked if he was going to look for a new tenant, Vakili said he has no immediate plans and he first has to see the condition of the house, expecting “to see a lot of dirt” and damage to the property.

In May, Willis will appear in a Toronto court to face fraud charges for allegedly providing homeowners with fraudulent cheques and false employment information.

This landlord is relieved his Tenant From Hell has Moved On…at last!