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Congratulations to the BC Landlords Association

May 24th, 2012 · 24 Comments · BC Landlords Association

All over Canada, small residential landlords are ignored or treated poorly by the government.

Despite being important providers of low cost quality housing, we simply don’t band together, don’t have money to lobby, and are usually treated like red-headed step children by an alcoholic step-parent.  (I know that sounds horrible, but it gets the point across).

That being said, it was great to hear the “BC Landlords Association is proud to be recognized by the government as an important voice for small business landlords across the province.”


Thank you BC Landlords Association.  We agree small residential landlords play an important role in providing high quality affordable housing in our province.  Small landlords need to be listened to, our concerns heard, and actions taken to ensure we have the ability to continue to operate, make a profit, and continue to provide a high quality housing choice for tenants.

We also want to congratulate the Ontario Landlords Association for similar recognition and success.

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